Is your baby tongue tied?

Are in pain? Get evaluated.

How do I know if my baby is tongue tied AND it is affecting our breastfeeding relationship?

  • Do you cringe in pain everytime you even think about latching your baby to your breast?
  • Is your baby clicking, smacking and/or coming on and off the breast during feedings?
  • Do you see a "notch" at the tip of your baby's tongue when the stick their tongue out?
  • If you sweep your finger under your baby's tongue - does it get stopped/caught by the frenulum under the tongue?
  • Does your baby have a sucking blister on the upper lip that keeps peeling?
  • Is your nipple pinched and blanched white after a feeding?
  • Do you have a scab/crust line accross your nipple?
  • Is your baby not gaining weight well even though they are feeding at the breast "all the time"?
  • Are you supplementing after every feeding because you think your b aby is still hungry?

Type I

Type I

Type I (note suck blister on upper lip)

Type III: Posterior

Type III: Posterior with tongue notching

Example of tongue notching

If you answered Yes to more than 3 of the above, you should be evaluated by one of our specialist because it is possible your baby has a type of tongue tie that might be causing these issues. It is a problem with a safe, office based procedure solution. Come visit one of our specialists today! Do not suffer in pain one more day.

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“I knew something wasn't right as I had nursed my first 2 babies and it didn't feel like this at all. My baby's doctor thought I was just not making enough milk. Dr. Moore was so helpful, she realized quickly that Jack was tongue tied and fixed it right then. Immediately afterwards, he latched right on - PAIN FREE!” Karen, Mom of a (formerly) tongue tied infant.

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