Full service Lactation Support for ALL those in need.

We accept most health insurance plans for Baby and Mother, including Husky/Medicaid.

Nightingales: Breastfeeding Support Center gives hands on help with all aspects of breastfeeding from prenatal education through weaning.  With three locations, it is easy to be seen within 24 hours, even on a weekend or holiday.

We understand that breastfeeding challenges always include mom and baby. Both of you will be seen and evaluated by one of our breastfeeding medicine physicians as part of your visit. Generally, the lactation consultant will spend time with you first, and the doctor will then examine you and your baby. Then you, the lactation consultant, and the physician will create a personalized plan of care and follow up. These visits are covered by almost all insurances. Since you and your baby are both considered patients, each of you might need a referral to be seen (except for patients of  The Center for Advanced Pediatrics). There will be a co-pay for both you and your baby, if that’s required by your insurance plan.

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) will observe a feeding with you, answer your questions, and help you address challenges with latching, positioning, or any other part of your breastfeeding experience. We’ll work with you to help you meet your breastfeeding goals, and to feel more comfortable and confident in the process. Though most of our patients require only one visit to solve their problems and achieve their goals, we’re available to keep working with you in follow-up visits, for as long as you need, to make sure you are comfortable and your child is growing.

We always send reports to you and your child’s primary care physician, pediatrican and/or OB/GYN, to keep them up-to-date on the progress.

picture of a tongue tied infant. Type 2.

Are you concerned your baby might be tongue tied?


We evaluate & treat tongue tie in our office. Take a home test here.

What can we help with?

Low Milk Supply


Maternal Medications


Premature Infants

Fussy Baby

Flat or Inverted Nipples

Sore Nipples

Latch Problems


Returning to Work




Nipple Infections

Slow Weight Gain

Breast Pumps

Breast Infections

Tongue Tie/Frenulotomy


Adoption Breastfeeding

Consultation for Physicians

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

New Mom's Group

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