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Are you a medical professional who has breastfeeding mothers and babies as patients? We can help you and your patients. Our specialists are always available for telephone consultation 7 days a week or use our referral form to refer your patient to us. We accept most insurance plans for both mother and baby - including state Husky/Medicaid plans. In addition, we offer a monthly pre-natal breastfeeding course free of charge. Studies have shown that being prepared BEFORE and AT delivery is most effective way to get the breastfeeding relationship off to a successful start.


Please call our  helpline  (203-229-2088) with any breastfeeding questions or concerns you might need help with. Or if you would like to refer a patient to us, fill in and fax or email the referral form below. We always send back a summary of our visit with your patient and recommendations for transfer of care back to the primary care physician.

Is that medication safe for a breastfeeding mother?

Each day breastfeeding mothers are misinformed about taking medications while breastfeeding, many moms are told they must stop breastfeeding or "pump and dump." In the majority of cases, this is bad advice on the part of the health care provider based on his or her limited education about breastfeeding and medications.


Dr. Tom Hale, PhD, has performed extensive research on the effects of medication in mothers' milk. His site features a professional and mother's forum for looking up and asking information about medications and mothers milk.

Links about Medications & Breastfeeding


Dr. Newman: You Should Continue Breastfeeding


The source that doctors use.


Well established website on many breastfeeding topics, all researched and supported with sited sources.

Alcohol and Breastfeeding:


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